Analysing EV Home Charger Installation Costs!

One of the things I have seen the most with EV chargers is people commenting that either they got their charger for an advertised price or like in my case much more.

As part of this I thought I'd conduct some research which might then be able to link into a part of my Degree as I might be analysing an EV Company as part of it.

I designed it so the data could be published in charts publically for people to see. Here's all of the charts that I've created around the data.


For this survey to get the best results I need EV Owners to fill the survey out! I'm hoping for around 1,000 responses By 31st of Jan 2019.

You can fill the survey out at and don't forget to share it with other EV Owners.

The Results So Far

Cost of charger installation
The main graph which has actually surprised me.
It seems that so far most people that have filled it out have had their chargers fully funded between the OLEV grant and the Manufacturer as I suspect they've been sold with it brand new.

** Charger Brand **
Along with free chargers the most popular brand so far has been Chargemaster. This is likely because I own a Zoe and am part of Zoe groups when a person purchases brand new they have a deal with renault to cover the rest of the cost.

Tethered vs Socketed
Currently its just over 50% for Tethered vs Socketed

And finally the speed and to no surprise the 7.2kw is the most popular.

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Graphs are updated in reasonably real time, the comments below were last updated at 23:30 on the 10th of December 2018
Please note that I have been "cleaning" up data as I proceed of the outliers, this includes incorrect currencies or missing data.