The Things Network Great Yarmouth! - Call for members

The Things Network Great Yarmouth! - Call for members

If you're in Great Yarmouth and have an interest in hobby electronics such as the Raspberry Pi, Arduino and other systems then you'll likely be interested in this.

The Things Network is a Network designed to allow communities setup a network of gateways that can communicate to nodes or "things" which you can integrate into your projects.

Being interested in IoT myself I have setup a gateway from where I live in Gorleston which gets good signal in most of Gorleston, areas in Bradwell & Hopton and peaks as far as Wellington Pier.

So what's the community for?
A community is designed to promote and build up the network in specific areas in our case the Borough of Great Yarmouth. With the idea being that different members can bring skills and resources such as being able to setup gateways, create and setup devices. Provide funding to fund more gateways and resources for better locations.

There may be opportunities to meet up and have discussions, fund and setup gateways and put the technology into wide use.

To become a fully fledged community we require 2 Gateways, 8 Members, methods of communicating and exposure such as getting in the local press.

What can I do with access to TTN?
The Things Network is a free to use, community focused LoRaWan network provider. With the idea being that people can create sensors, monitors, trackers and more that report back data to the internet using LoRa. LoRa stands for Long Range Radio and has benefits long distance radio while using little power and virtually no running costs to users (compared to GSM which requires contracts etc).

How do I help?!
To begin you're best to join the group over at and our communication channel over on Slack.

Enjoy this blogpost? - I'm currently funding for a RAK831 LoRa Concentrator. This will lead to another series of blogposts on setting up a different LoRa Board and possibly include a development series of a Backpane I'm developing. You can donate via Ko-Fi by using the button below