TTN Coverage Map for Great Yarmouth

My Goal is to cover the Borough of Great Yarmouth with TTN Coverage.

Currently there is just one Gateway setup in Gorleston-On-Sea near the Paget, Eventual plans are for another near the town centre of Yarmouth itself and possibly further.

Here's a quick Google Map with rough ranges tested. Here's the colour codes:
I've gone for this scheme as I found really apart from really close to the gateway signal strength dropped to -115 to -120.

Grey: Gateway in this location would be ideal based on current range testing.
Green: Signal coverage from this gateway at SF7
Yellow: Signal Coverage from this gateway at SF8
Red: Signal Coverage from this gateway at SF12
Blue: If 10KM Range was achieved from gateway.

These ranges are rough estimates based on mapping done at the various SF Factors.

Update list:

As the map is updated bullet points will be put here with a change log.

  • 30/12/17 - Created map, Added tested SF7 distance, Peak SF10 Distance & approx SF9 & 8 Distance along with a possible extra locations at estimate of 3KM.