Ulti Lora Backplane V2 - Redesigning it, the plan

ohno here we go again. Of which I'm re-designing the Ultimate Lora Backplane!

Whats changing?

While the current one works great, there are a couple of flaws:

  1. Power & Heat - The NanoPi Duo produces quite a lot of heat and can draw quite a lot of power even while its not doing much
  2. CE Mark - The NanoPi DUO Has no CE / FCC Marks. Theoretically with a CE Marked SBC and a CE Marked Radio Concentrator it would be a fully CE compliant device as the board connecting them should be exempt.

New plan:

As of this I am now looking at moving to a Raspberry Pi Zero with a SPI Based Ethernet Controller, while it may not be as fast as the Ethernet on the Nano Pi Duo from where I've been running one of the gateways with a 3G Modem the 10Mbit interface should be more than enough.

It may also be a bit more reliable and possibly be usable with Resin.io or a custom Raspberry Pi image created using Diet Pi as the base.

As of this I'll be having to add more circuitry to the board itself to accomodate for the SPI to Ethernet controller.

At the same time the voltage regulator is also changing to a slightly more expensive one which is more effecient. Overall the entire setup should produce less heat than it currently does.

I'll be slowly working on this in the next few weeks. It shouldn't take long but will take some work to do.